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Kaillie is 19.5 inches from head to heel with straightened legs (18-19 inches with bent legs). She weighs  7lb 6oz, and is poured in one piece by Maria Lynn Dolls. She is available in Eco-Flex 20 or Super Soft Blend. Her mouth opens, has a tongue inside, and can take a standard newborn pacifier. She is also available as “Kellan”, the boy version of this kit.

Her price for a blank kit is: $1750 US plus shipping in Eco-Flex 20 and $1850 in Super Soft Blend.

She has a very special feature - a custom made umbilical stump which I sculpted to attach magnetically to her belly button in a perfect fit. This feature can be added for $75 and comes with a clamp.

Kits are available in three skin tones. Armatures can be added for $155 in the arms and $310 in the arms and legs. Drink and wet can be added for $210 for the girl kit and $310 for the boy.

The non-refundable deposit to reserve your kit is $300. Flexible layaway is available for six months or more if needed. 


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