Kaillie/Kellan Asleep

Kaillie is 19.5 inches from head to heel with straightened legs (18-19 inches with bent legs). She weighs  7lb 6oz, and is poured in one piece by Maria Lynn Dolls. She is available in Eco-Flex 20 or Super Soft Blend. Her mouth opens, has a tongue inside, and can take a standard newborn pacifier. She is also available as “Kellan”, the boy version of this kit.

Her price for a blank kit is: $1750 US plus shipping in Eco-Flex 20 and $1850 in Super Soft Blend.

She has a very special feature - a custom made umbilical stump which I sculpted to attach magnetically to her belly button in a perfect fit. This feature can be added for $75 and comes with a clamp.

Kits are available in three skin tones. Armatures can be added for $155 in the arms and $310 in the arms and legs. Drink and wet can be added for $210 for the girl kit and $310 for the boy.

The non-refundable deposit to reserve your kit is $300. Flexible layaway is available for six months or more if needed. 

Kellan Prototype by The Dainty Loft

Kaillie Prototype by Maria Lynn Dolls

Blank Kit Photos

Umbilical Stump

Skin tone blends available

More Kit Details

More photos of the Kellan Prototype by The Dainty Loft

More photos of the Kaillie Protoype by Maria Lynn Dolls